1. "Awesome God" in video https://youtu.be/m5HVkcP9wCk "When we suffer, we need God even more. In memory of April Baker."


    "Why doesn't God deliver people from suffering?" – a phrase that, as a rule, sounds like a reproach or resentment, and sometimes, as a manifestation of despair, or even anger. People say this when they do not understand why God allowed the circumstances in which they are now.

    This video will hopefully help answer this important question. In it, a person who has lived for many years on the edge of life and death will tell about his faith.

    Please write in the comments and tell your story of how God supports you in your situation.

    And share this video with those who need God's support now.

  2. I just can't get enough of this song! The smile of Deborah is amazing too! so cheerful and makes a great atmosphere… Great praiser, excellent vocals quality instrumentalists, this song lacks nothing, praise be to God. We need you in Zambia some day… I just love this whole praise team. Keep at it guys I love you very much… Mphwaaaaa!

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