Cyr Wheel Tutorial: Corners (like a boss)

How to do corners, like a boss!

Some things i forgot to mention.
1)The timing i like to use to shift my foot across is when the other foot is down i bring the moving foot over to it, and then go for the jump.
2)It helps when your learning to start off kind of low and work your way up to horizontal over the course of a few jumps. You can also inch your hands towards your feet or feet towards you hands while doing this to get higher in the wheel without a huge commitment on the first bounce.



  1. All cool and that, I have no problems with the leg skin :), but it took almost 5 out of 7 mins of the tutorial to see first demonstration and it started from the "wrong" form. I would advise to plan the merits of the tutorial before filming it. One of the best things in easy and cohesive tuts out there is a clean demonstration and list of prerequisites at the beginning of the video. List of the errors is usually one of the last things, when the viewer already understands what are we even talking about.

  2. i have some questions you might be able to help me with
    1. how do you overcome dizziness?
    2. is there a rule of thumb for ring size to your height? im about 175-180cm tall.  

  3. I have a few questions to help me start wheeling!
    1. Is your wheel hollow?
    My friends dad is an extremely experienced welder and I was considering a beginner hoop being a welded pipe.

    2. Would you think that would be ideal lets say, if it is a perfect circle?

    &&last but not least <3
    Where can I acquire a professional wheel to purchase online?

  4. Quick question how fast or slow would you be able to move to learn this trick? I find I can start doing the corners but the momentum makes me feel like I'm falling out and I typically bail out of the trick. Should I just try and tough it out? Speed it up? Slow it down? Etc. Thanks for your awesome tutorials!

  5. Hey! First of all thanks for your videos you really explain well!!! 
    And i would like to ask if it's possible that you make a video explaining how to do the trick fancy footwork
    Thanks keep spining!

  6. Great tutorial, like that you showed bad ones as well and broke it down so that it was easy to understand, the fact that you didn't take out a wall was good too, thanks for sharing

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