1. The cookies are called "Speculoos" you might know it as a Biscoff cookie… It also symbolises a holiday on the sixth of december called "Sinterklaas". We get those cookies every year during that time (also other things).

    We don't really hang them in the Christmas tree (for those who where wondering). Feel free to ask me more about those cookies, Sinterklaas or just Belgium in general.

    Happy holidays everyone! 😁🎅✨♥️

  2. Oh man! Nice video, but the music just games me a rush of nostalgia from that one tom and Jerry film, where the toys came to life and it's just perfect

  3. Little history lesson: Christmas trees actually come from Germany 🙂 makes me happy that a piece of my culture is so widespread and popular.

  4. At first I didn't notice the text saying which tree is which so I just went "Hmm, I wonder if Czech Republic is there….. Hmm, this one looks really familiar". So I'm happy the Czech tree actually looked recognizable enough to me that I didn't need to read the caption!

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