Bless Unleashed PC Full Release First Impressions – New MMORPG

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Bless Unleashed has finally fully released on PC as of August 6th and is available to play for free on Steam, this game is a brand new high fantasy action combat MMORPG that offers a mix of content for fans of both PVP & PVE content such as dungeons, battlegrounds, arenas and my personal favouite feature, a heavy focus on massive world bosses littered throughout the world that require groups of up to 50 or more players to take down, Bless Unleashed has gone through a lot of changes over its development and initial console release so the developers have sponsored this video for me to give the game another try as well as giveaway some founders packs, details on that at the end of the video.

What do you think about the full release of Bless Unleashed? Have you given the game a try since launch? What do you think about the world boss fights? let me know in the comments below!

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—Bless Unleashed Steam Description—

About the game
Explore the massive and lively world with your allies and friends. Or embark on an epic adventure alone and push your limits. From the weapons you wield to the skills you unlock, you have full control of your character’s development and actions. Every choice you make in the world of Bless will shape your story. So forge your destiny and make your adventure go down in history.
A grand storyline filled to the brim with adventures that play out in a gigantic open world

Vast and diverse landscapes teeming with life await you. From the peaceful and beautiful forests of the Ribus Federation to the treacherous Uncharted Regions, immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes. The more you explore, the more stories you’ll encounter and experience.

With the world still recovering from the disaster caused by the humans, the otherworldly Daimon lies in wait for a chance to strike again. Endure and persevere through the destruction and massacres committed by the long-time conspirators and defend yourself from their threats with the support of the gods.

An action-packed MMORPG full of formidable monsters
Team up with your friends to eliminate threats lurking in perilous dungeons and participate in breathtaking battles with powerful Field Bosses. Earn honorary titles and collect rare treasures. If you can survive that is…

Grow and diversify your classes through Blessings
Mix and match five unique classes and four distinct races in the World of Lumios to create a character worthy of receiving the blessings from the gods. Master the unique combos of each class to be the last one standing between you and your foes.

Countless items and collectibles
Enhance equipment obtained during your adventures to amplify and unleash your true powers. Also collect rare skins that many have failed to seize. Play with others, but stand out from the crowd.

An MMORPG that lets you create your own story while playing with others
Complete quests with your friends or form deep bonds with adventurers during your exploration while forging new allies and building a mighty guild. The possibilities are endless. Explore treacherous dungeons and challenge yourself against others on the PVP Battlefield. No matter how you cross paths, form alliances with like-minded souls and become one with the Union.

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Bless Unleashed PC Full Release First Impressions – New MMORPG



  1. I played this when it released on ps4, it was amazing till lvl 30 or so, the game literally was not developed after that point, 2 weeks gated just to do the main quest after that and no quests to level up, we were leveling up by killing mobs with groups in the forest area and let me tell you it wasnt a fun experience, your daily routine is to grind all world bosses that LazyPeon showed and doing the reputation quests(not fun).
    Also grinding weapon skill sets wasnt a fun experience, anyone still playing to tell me if things are better these days?

  2. I will give this a shot, looks interesting
    Worst case scenario I stop playing at lvl30 once all the negative impacts of pay to win occur

    But the early levelling journey in an MMO is the best part anyways!

  3. i just started playing this on ps5 and its really good i understand the decline on pc cause alot of players still have
    shitty pc's and still have to lower the quality not everyone is like video above, when it has a hard time running on
    regular windows 10 graphics AMD FX ™ – 6300 Six – Core and below then you start to see a decline why hasnt
    anyone learned this yet if you can get it to run on the regular card most windows 10 has then you should be fine
    and it doesnt help that the makers of it doesnt advertise it where it should be ON THE PS4/5 it runs great there
    some mmos if they are having problem on pc then let it go to console as console servers can run them good

  4. Huh, I actually missed the fact that this was a paid promotion on first viewing. Went back to check and you did briefly disclose it but I wish you had included it in the video title and/or top of the description. I don't begrudge you getting your money but transparency works wonders in preserving trust.

  5. I've played on and off since the release. The very first boss I freaking died 4 times before killing it!! I trampled on, got to lvl 12…now I'm stuck. I literally can not move on because I can't kill the boss to get my next blessing and dont understand how to join blessings,lol.

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