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An early development demo for an open world horror game about driving. I see potential!

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Beware is currently in early development. At the base, it’s an open-world driving simulation where the player embarks on a long journey of information-gathering through exploration.
One of the gameplay elements are intense, 70’s movies style, car chases with challenging AI opponents.
There are stealth element too where you can avoid being detected and explore the world undisturbed.

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  1. I've always wanted to comment on your videos, and, I watch a lot of let'spalyers on Youtube, and none of them are anything compared to you. You should be getting a lot more recognition for your work. Love your sense of humour. And EVEN that face of yours, my my my.

  2. cant get the controller to work on its own with this game so i have had to use some free software called xpadder so i can use my controller… its a shame but i'm assuming its going to be fixed in the future.
    its not easy using the keyboard with this game at all.

  3. That's a nice concept. I tried this one before, but somehow I never triggered the chase scene. Just drove around and honestly quite enjoyed the scenery.

    I wish you could get out of the car for a bit, just to get a better look at things. The developer could limit the distance you can get away from the car, perhaps with ghostly apparitions or something similar.
    Or the player character could at least shine a flashlight outside when looking out of the side windows :>

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