Best superhero games on PC

Nip into the nearest phone box and change into your going-home-and-playing-games outfit! It’s the 10 best superhero games on PC

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  1. Open World Superman game… With multiple locations you can go to, without loading screens, from Metropolis, to Kansas, out over the Oceans, high up into the Clouds, the nearby deserts and forested mountains, a large dam… and everything is interacting, people can be punched, tossed, carried, saved. Buildings crumble and fall, Cars can be thrown around into them… but everything you do has an impact on the world, and how the world reacts to you. Think GTAV on super steroids, and you are Superman, with all his powers and abilities. Random Super Villains attack the world from time to time, and you have to fight them off before they kill everyone. From street muggers and rapists… to Godzilla sized city destroyers. WHERE IS THIS GAME!!?!!!??

  2. I am looking for a Game that i played when i was Younger it was something about third person Kind of cartoonish and yeah i think Marvel universe please let me find it

  3. DCUO is not free to play its free to start but once you get to level 30(basicly the tutorial) you will not be able to get anywhere without paying for a subscription or buying access to content. Oh and if you think buying a sub will be all you need think again because the game is filled with cash grabs and pay to win stuff not to mention the ripoff loot boxes like time capsules and booster bundles that are basically gambling boxes. I quit dcuo 4 years ago and from what i have seen and heard around the internet the cash grabs have only got worse and the game is more pay to win than ever.

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