Best Graphics In PC Gaming 2021 [It's Not Your Father's Crysis]

If you’re after games that look as good as your gear, you’re in the right place, as this video is all about PC games with amazing graphics.

At Logitech G we obviously care a whole lot about aesthetics, from the minimalism of the Superlight to the pastels of the Color Collection. Well, it’s only fitting then that we took a look at some of the best looking games to go with our great gear. From ray tracing, to detailed grass, and realistic water, all of these games look incredible.

Here is our list of the best graphics in PC games:

Intro 00:00
1 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 00:48
2 Control 01:52
3 Horizon Zero Dawn 02:41
4 Microsoft Flight Simulator 03:48
5 Assetto Corsa Competizione 04:35
6 Star Wars: Squadrons 05:26
7 Red Dead Redemption 2 06:25
8 Doom Eternal 07:09
9 Hitman 3 08:09
10 Mafia: Definitive Edition 09:04
Outro 10:11

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  1. You forgot any Metro game in the series (my "go to" benchmark) Any game in the Tomb raider reboot series or how bout Sniper Elite 4. Less well known but definitely worthy of mention 😎👊

  2. It's funny how every article breezes over Red Dead, while still including it. No other AAA titles really feels as alive between mocap and player control. I want to see more AAA games focus on the character modeling and environmental interactions.

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