Best economy management games on PC

Ready to swim in cash like Scrooge McDuck? It’s time for the top 10 economy games on PC.
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Here are the games we feature:

Offworld Trading Company
Game Dev Tycoon
Anno 1404
Capitalism II
The Movies
Big Pharma
Industry Giant II
Transport Tycoon
Stock Market

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  3. There are many good game out there. Capitalism is my fave game all the time, second, freogh tycoon also my best one. You drive the truck, pump the fuel, choose the job, reach in time, and repair the truck.

  4. Maybe missing the Moon Tycoon there. IMO underrated game. The ANNO series have very easy management. The Zeus, Caesar or Pharaoh are IMO still the best. Pitty there were so much "exploits" in those games. Also I am missing Settlers a bit. Actually the Settlers II and VII were really good.

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