Beating RLCraft Ep12 – How to Fight Bosses and Dragons Like a Boss in RLCraft

Hello Everyone and Welcome to RLCraft and my terrible attempt in trying to write a description that no one reads!

So Blah Blah RLCraft, very cool blah blah, very difficult blah blah.

Thank you for trying to read this.

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  1. well actually you don't need the tide guardian armor for fighting in the water, the best way is making a sea amulet (which makes you swim faster on water and have technically water breathing forever) and maybe with some luck get boots with the underwater strider enchantment (which will make you faster on the water then EVEN A DASHING MOROCK) trust me, it's really op 😮

  2. Can you please for the love of god explain how you find these dragon lairs. I’ve been playing for over two weeks and I’ve been exploring forever and I haven’t found a single one

  3. Take the runes dont be ignorant… by calling sth that you dont know nothing special you make me sad :< i like you videos and you are really good but mennn that runes make the best items in this mod pack! Lashmakcraft go take them man!

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