1. I couldn't understand why everyone was disappointed by the recent E3 trailer so came back to rewatch this. I still don't understand why there is the hate – this looked 'mediocre' at best – so much so, I had completely erased this from my memory!

    This is very generic with a relatively 'simplistic' artstyle that looks suited to run at 60fps on a PS4 at 1080p. Nothing about it looks like it should really tax the hardware. Condense the highlights into a 2min trailer that falls apart 2yrs later when you see a bit more of the game…

  2. Comments are right. This looks way better than the E3 trailer.

    I hope Pat's wrong and that they didn't throw most of this game out to turn it into a monster-hunter ripoff.

  3. literally everything about this version of the game is thousands of times more appealing than what they showed off yesterday. The music is engaging, enemies are reacting to hits, the speed one expects from a Platinum Character Action game feels fully intact. The title card at the end does display the four characters that were shown in the multiplayer trailer though, so I have to wonder if this was always going to be multiplayer, or if the character shown here was going to have the option of branching in to different specialties? Regardless, Babylon's Fall feels like a terrible bait and switch, and I've gotta wonder where exactly it all went wrong

  4. Interesting apart from the combat which looks more fast paced and hack and slashy here the graphics look the same to me as the one we just got. The combat looks much better here but that's just about it. The graphics does not look like a downgrade to me ?

  5. 2019 trailer: Game has several sound effects, related to sword bashing, ground, and all sorts of things.
    2021 trailer: Has voices from the trailer (not in-game voices), and a loud song. The gameplay parts are completely silent and has no sound effects at all.

  6. The irony is not lost on me.
    The tower of Babylon was built up so huge and then fell.
    This game was built up so big and has fallen at E3.
    I see you Square I see you.

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