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As promised we are now bringing you weekly People are Awesome video compilations! Here’s the best videos we’ve had submitted this week, thanks to everyone who sent us their awesome clips. We’ve got everything from cycling, golf, frisbee, trick shots, basketball and much more!

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Best of the Week

Title: Hellberg – Wasted Summer (feat. Jessarae)
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Original Videos:

0:00 – Skateboard Juggling
0:08 – The Human Golf Tee
0:15 – Acrobatic Gymnastics
0:28 – Frisbee Trick shots
0:37- Huge Box Jump
0:44 – Unicycle High Jump

0:49 – Basketball Trick Shots

0:55- Precision Trial Biking
1:01 – Ping Pong Golf Trick Shot
1:06 – Amazing Breakdancer

1:12 – Workout Routine with Kettlebells
1:17 – Backflip BMX Ramp

1:21 – Friends Jump Over Man Doing Splits
1:28 – Amazing Breakdancer

1:34 – Explosive Jump
1:36 – Kitchen Golf Trick Shot
1:53 – Football Backflip Goal
1:58 – Golf Drive Through Legs
2:06 – Truck Tow Weight Lifting

2:14 – Slackline Tricking
2:20 – Poolside Handstands
2:32 – Behind the Back Trick Shots
2:43 – Trial Bike Tricks

2:45 – Pool Basketball Trick Shot

2:53 – Basketball Trick Shots

2:58 – Synchronised Artistic Cycling
3:08 – Backflip Combo

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