In this Gardening Video, I will try to reveal 5 shocking and interesting answers to gardening ideas and questions. These FAQs, Facts and Myths are answered based on garden and botany science.

Garden Myths busted on Questions like: Does Light REALLY hurt your plants roots? And What Happens when you Expose Roots to Light? Do Pot ted Plants need Soil Change periodically? Do Naphthalene Moth balls contain the best and the most expensive rooting hormone – thats naphthalene acetic acid?

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1. Can we Put Earthworms into Soil of Potted Plants? Yes or No?

2. Many Gardeners Say Putting Stones or a layer of gravel at the bottom of Plant Container is Useful and improves drainage? True or False?

3. Do Potted Plants need soil change periodically? Yes or No?

4. What Happens when you Expose Roots to Light? Does Light REALLY hurt your plants roots?
This is infact complicated and controversial gardening query.

5. Do Naphthalene balls or Moth Balls contain Naphthalene Acetic Acid which is the best Rooting Hormone? Or can these naphthalene balls be useful on plants as rooting agents or as pesticides?


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  1. I have researched this as well as contacted universities that study pesticides and nobody could tell me for sure if the chemicals in mothballs trans locate into fruit. You would think with all the nutty studies that have been done a study about this often used garden solution would have been done at some time. There is no conclusive evidence that I have found either way. If you Google it, you will see some that say it won't and some that say it might, but no data to back it up. One "expert" wouldn't give me his opinion but told me the chemicals like to evaporate and probably wouldn't make it to the roots. I'd really like to know.

  2. Hi great video that helps with wife tales about potted plants I have one question to ask still I have a shop bought yukka plant already potted in the shop I've had it a couple of years now on my kitchen window at first it was reaching for the sky's but this year each time I water it with my distilled water the leaves are yellowing and drooping do you think it's ready for a larger pot or removing from the windowsill even though we the sun is high in the sky my yukka is still in partial shade, I haven't looked at the root system and don't know if it's got pot bound(strangling itself)?

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