20 Games That HUMILIATE You For Playing on EASY

Most games have easy modes- they’re great and necessary sometimes. Only a select few games go out of their way to insult you for it. Here are some examples.
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  1. Well for me I only encounter Riddler and Harley and joker etc dumbasses shitting on me when i die on Arkham City but it has nothing to do with easy mode tho Except for the Twisted Metal 2…That hurt my pride so i beaten it on the hardest settings just to get over that insult.

  2. are people getting this sensitive that a game is going to make you feel bad . so point this all out as a negative but for ones that don't care will use it as a way to get better . if you suck you need to be told you suck if not your never going to get better .

  3. The f1 games are of those that don't humiliate you (obviously little kids play too and it's a licenced game with many other things) if you put it on 0 they are so slow they don't even push the brake pedal to 100 percent they push it like 50 maybe less it's something like a bit punishing that so ez

  4. I really hate it when games are trying to hurt my feelings for playing it on easy. It's just disrespectful. Don't get me wrong, I can laugh about myself, a little banter here and there is alright, but I don't want to be shamed by people who I pay for entertainment. It bothers me so much that I really don't buy games made by studios who do that anymore.

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