20 Animals Who Did Things And Surprised Everyone

Let’s talk about the world of animals, shall we? Because when it comes right
down to it, they’re pretty awesome, and we only at times realize it. Because
humans think that we know everything about everything and thus nothing “can
surprise us” anymore about what animals do. So then when they do…we take
notice, because animals are awesome! So from a tortoise hunting fish in the mud
to raccoon climbing a skyscraper, allow us to show you 20 Times Animals Did
Things And Surprised People!

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  1. Fact check your narratives! The first featured animal is NOT a tortoise but a turtle.
    How did you get over two million subscribers as you claim? Is that figure inaccurate?

  2. umm sorry, dude but that is a turtle not a tortuous…lol One lives on land and CAN NOT swim under any conditions the other lives in the water like oceans, lakes, and rivers…lol I know others have told you but I had to say it too because it just annoyed the heck out of me.

  3. Loved all these amazing animals! Sad how much we underestimate their abilities + feelings. Raading the comments tho…how many times can the tortoise vs turtle be said or raven vs crow? Just enjoy the vid!

  4. Monkey+glass. Time to switch to a modern equivalent of lexan, or whatever zoos in the US use in Gorilla, Tiger, Lion enclosures with viewing 'glass'.
    Cat was probably getting a back scratch from it.

  5. It's a Raven, not a crow, despite what locals call it. I've heard locals call a huge bird, almost the size of our Turkey Vultures a crow. This was in the Caribbean islands. Don't know if they have a version of what we call crows or even ravens there. They do have parrots, which probably inhabit what would be crow or raven habitat, plus many, many lizards, some which get quite huge, so that's another animal that would eat what crows and Ravens would. I also saw some incredibly large toads in swampy areas.

  6. This video kinda explain why I am an Animist! Though ! some folks never heard of Animism yet experience it on a daily basis, trust your instincts and Feel The Earth Life.

  7. The animals are exactly like humanity. Some humans are good some humans are OK and some humans suck. Not a whole lot of chickens adopt kittens so some chickens are great some chickens are OK and some chickens suck

  8. The part with the Beluga whale retrieving the cell phone was very similar to a Beluga whale at the Coney Island Aquarium in Brooklyn NY. Me and my friends when we were kids would sneak into the Aquarium by jumping over the fence from the boardwalk when the Aquarium was closed. There was a Beluga whale there named Melon. We would ball up pieces of tin foil and throw it into the tank the whale was in and every time the whale would retrieve it and bring it back to us. He would open his mouth with the tin foil ball and we would grab it then throw across the tank. He always brought it back!

  9. Oh hello there. I’m not going to continue to watch your idiotic show because you don’t know the difference between a tour to send a turtle. So when you learn then maybe I’ll come back.

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