10 Awesome Movies Audiences Weren't Ready For

Dredd was completely ahead of their time and then some.

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  1. Were you even born when the original Blade Runner Premiered? I was a teen back then , but even then I knew that what I was watching was destined for immortality. Sure today the trechnology displayed seems dated but overall the story is a classic.

  2. I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve never liked any Bond films. And it’s not cause I dislike the genre, I also don’t enjoy almost any romcom and most of the films I like tend to be more action oriented, especially when it’s like a sci-fi or fantasy version.

  3. People follow what others say. No one really finds out for themselves. I watched a Facebook friend state that he hated a movie and several people jumped in and said "that they would pass because he didn't like it". "I trust you". What? Find out for yourselves. People wait for others to tell them why they shouldn't like something.

  4. Glad to see Timothy Dalton get credit for bringing the literary James Bond to the screen. Hands down, he nailed Ian Fleming's 007, taking the character directly from the novels.

  5. Dude people hated annihilation because they read the book. The director should have just made their own movie with that message instead of mess up a perfectly goid book with a unique tone.

  6. Cable Guy like Scott Pilgrim would be Netflix movies and still not theaters movies even now. Cable Guy couldn't figure out if it was a Jim Carey Comedy or dark comedy. These movies are good yet I still dont think its a movie for a large audiences. Also Unbreakable trailer like a A24 movie trailers was selling you something you you didn't expect. I love it yet everybody didn't know it was a superhero movie and people excepted a horror movie which is M.Nights biggest problem is his movies are not what you see in the trailers.

  7. I would have added John Carpenter's The Thing to the list as well. It was incredibly underappreciated during its original release, but it went on to become one of ths most iconic horror movies ever made in the following years.

  8. Most of these movies were marketed as one thing but delivered another. It's not that audiences were not ready for them, they were primed to see something else. It's like advertising strippers, and when people show up you bring out a modern interpretative dance crew.

  9. How is “The King of Comedy” not on this list? The deranged desire for fame? The danger of famous people being made to feel easily accessible? The willingness to be famous no matter what the cause?

  10. Why do you insist on mispronouncing M. Knight Shamalyan’s name? You know how to say it. You’re either a complete moron or you’re doing it on purpose — which you don’t seem to do for directors with Anglo names. Only him. Soooo gonna admit that’s some racist bullshit and stop or admit you’re an idiot who can’t figure out how to say a man’s name? Which one?

  11. Not a movie, but Firefly definitely falls into this category. That show is freaking brilliant, but so few people were into it when it first premiered. It didn't help that the the network aired the episodes out of order.

  12. Did he just call out AMERICAN imperialism? The 'Brit'? That's rich considering the queen owns a sixth of the planet….

    Signed, a random 90s Army vet.

  13. Dredd is hands down one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. It’s got such a good depiction of a female antagonist whose power doesn’t come from her cooter for once. As well, there’s no sexism in her downfall, the male protagonist doesn’t dominate the female, make an example having to do with gender or anything, just does the job and she goes through her finale. Same with the rookie, no gender bias, some crude remarks and threats, an attempt to subvert through thought but it’s quelled. She gets her own back and gets back to work more as a person than as some fragile little girl that either needs to be saved or can only do the job if she’s armored with and against trauma and vulnerability. Sequel, damn it!

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