Film by Edgar Pêra Production Rodrigo Areias/Bando À Parte WORLD PREMIERE IFFRotterdam 2016. Interviews with Laura Mulvey, Eduardo Lourenço, Augusto M. Seabra, Olaf Möller, Laura Rascaroli, Guy Maddin, F.J. Ossang, Wanda Strauven, André Gaudreault, Toby Miller, Henry Jenkins, among others.
With Diana Sá, Miguel Borges, Valdemar Santos and many other spect-actors. Original Musica Jorge Prendas
“To be amazed is to interrogate”. THE AMAZED SPECTATOR is a kino-investigation about spectatorship, a continuous conversation between different kinds of spectators: Which one is more cinema? – Citizen Kane on a mobile phone or a football game projected in a cinema theatre? What is the Cinema of Uncertainty? How many kinds of Amazement exist? Does Fear and Belief precede Amazement? What are the rights and duties of the Spectator? Is the Essay Film a manifesto against voyeurism? Should spectators be paid? What amazes the spectator of this day and age?
“The battle is on the screen”. Mixing projected interviews (with film critics, academics, filmmakers and cinephiles) with actions shot in cinema theatres, THE AMAZED SPECTATOR is a 3D film that crosses genres and dimensions, between essay and manifesto, expressionism and trans-realism.


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